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We import wine from thirteen different families located in some of the best sub-regions of Argentina and Chile. We focus on artisan, single vineyard, small production, estate grown, enviromentally friendly wines. The wines we represent share old world, terroir-centric styles which we believe are unique and rare qualities to find in South America.


Vino Poggio Anima Sangiovese

Poggio Anima Sangiovese

Roberto Vicentin Barolo

Bartenura Moscato

Bartenura Moscato

Cocchi Barolo Chinato

Freixenet Italian Rosé

Freixenet Italian Rose


If you want a wine from a specific place of the world, or you produce wine and want to sell it North America, send us a message.


It is our goal to represent the best world terroir-driven wines in the United States. As a national importer, we strive to represent the finest wineries in each World viticultural area and bring the hidden gems worldwide. This begins with family-owned estates, and with people who respect the wine-making tradition of their region while utilizing the best that modern knowledge can contribute to the quality of the wines. That respect begins in the vineyards, where sustainable, organic or biodynamic practices are common amongst the estates we represent.

By curating a portfolio of traditionally-made wines, we are committing to adding value to the establishments with whom we partner. We hold ourselves to maintain the strictest of business ethics. This mandates temperature-controlled settings for all our wines, as well as long-term partnerships with our producers. The wine trade serves towards the betterment of society through the discovery of the world and the grapes grown there. We are therefore committed to helping our employees, and those drinking our wines, enjoy a more fruitful and enjoyable lifestyle through education. We welcome the opportunity to maintain a sense of culture with our partners, customers, and fellow wine-lovers.